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[ga] gTLD constituency

Shouldn't the focus be planning to get the approved new gTLDs engaged, once
they are through the contracting/up and running process?    I assume that
they are all aware of the constitency and planning to participate. 

I'm not sure of the role of the GA in this particular situation, though. I
believe that the by-laws of the constituency support the entry of the
approved gTLDs.



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Danny Younger wrote:

>It seems to me that there are now at least 25 recognized generic TLD
>operators or applicants. 7 of them were authorized to get new contracts 
>in November. Of the remaining dozen or so, ICANN Staff has repeatedly said
>that their applications are not rejected but are basically "on hold"
>awaiting the results of the so-called "proof of concept."
>Why are these organizations not included in the gTLD constituency?
>Are these registries and registry applicants not deserving of 
>in the DNSO? This is particularly difficult to understand for the 7 new
>registries. Why has the DNSO not quickly taken measures to create a REAL
>gTLD constituency?

IMHO, the real question is to speed up to get the 7 new Registries up and 
Anyway, the point you raise is about the other applicants, that may be 
waiting for quite some time (at least one year, I think) for ICANN to 
approve new TLDs.
In the old times of creation of DNSO, this problem had been adressed, but 
not solved. There were proposals for either create a "to-be-TLD" 
Constituency, or include them in the Registry constituency.
The objection was: "How to define a to-be-TLD?" Everybody could lay down 
such a claim. Of course, now with the process in place, application to ICANN

could be a criterion.

>Milton has raised a very good question.  Patrick Corliss has also noted, 
>Australia, Connect.com is both a Registry and a Registrar for .net.au."
>Others assuredly will bring forward additional examples of other gTLD

I am not sure I understand this one, though.
TLD means Top Level Domain, and to the best of my understanding .net.au and 
similar entities, although Registries, are SLDs (Second Level Domains).
The difference is not trivial, as I assume that .net.au would operate with a

contract with .au, and not with a direct relationship with ICANN like the 


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