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[ga] Removal of Directors

Siegfried Langenbach has made a very reasonable comment.  In requesting that
Directors Alejandro Pisanty and Jonathan Cohen justify their decision (to
vote against the consensus position of the DNSO) or to resign, Mr.
Langenbach seeks nothing more than the accountability that is due to an
electorate by its elected officials.  I support this effort.

I would further recommend that we immediately move to formally establish
procedures that will allow the DNSO to call for the removal of its
Directors.  The ByLaws stipulate:  "A Director selected by a Supporting
Organization can be recommended for removal by that Supporting Organization
through procedures adopted by that Supporting Organization and ratified by
the Board. Upon such recommendation for removal, the Board shall vote to
remove such Director."

We are within our rights to establish such procedures.  Let us do so now and
hope that we never have to invoke such procedures.

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