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Re: [ga] withdrawal of candidacy

sotiris and all remaining assembly members,

Sotiropoulos wrote:

> Cade,Marilyn S - LGA  wrote:
> > Without any comment on votes, given that I endorsed all four candidates to
> > ensure that there could be a valid election, I am somewhat concerned.
> To be frank, I am more than `somewhat' concerned that you (and certain
> others) are concerned about this.  The election is valid.  I never heard of
> an election being called off because a nominee ditched... never.

  I don't know about the validity of ANY election to date that the
DNSO has had as documented evidence in the archives of this forum
clearly shows in abundance.  However I DO agree that no election should
be called off because one candidate has decided to withdraw.  NO
election that I know of has not been held just because a candidate
has withdrawn....

> > Without a fourth candidate, I probably would have worked harder to recruit
> > someone to run.  That might be true of others, as well.
> So basically, your "apathy" in this process was due to regarding Jon
> Weinberg as the "sure thing"... I wonder what you'd have posted had he run
> and *not* won?

  Good question....

>  Marilyn, have you ever laid bets at the horse track, or on a
> roulette wheel?  Life is surely a strange scenario... especially when things
> don't go our way, eh?  This is surely not meant to be a serious post, is it?
> > This is in no way a commentary on the candidates who are standing, but
> more
> > a comment on other things.
> Such as?  Please be specific... I for one would definitely like to know what
> these "things" are?
> >Everyone who is standing has made a considerable
> > effort to organize themselves/their work/etc. so they can offer to take on
> > the considerable work of chair, c-chair.
> I am glad you think so.  Therefore, you don't really have a problem with
> continuing the election, right?
> > We are all obviously learning as we build...
> Some lessons are more painful than others:  Fact of life.
> If this election is called off, this will be the surest sign of complete
> corruption of the GA.  I cannot, and will not countenance any such activity.
> The election must continue as there are still 3 candidates to be decided
> from.
> I am greatly disturbed and disappointed that some people believe otherwise.
> I will not vote in another election should this one be cancelled, and I urge
> others who feel the same to act accordingly.  Will my lack of voting cause
> concern?  Somehow I doubt it...
> Sotiris Sotiropoulos
>         Individual
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