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RE: [ga] withdrawal of candidacy

David Farrar wrote:-
The question then before us is whether we run another election with fresh
for candidates.  One can argue this has some merit as some may not have
accepted nomination because Jon was a nominee.

No, sorry. This is changing the rules in the middle of an election.

The other option is that as we are fortunate enough to have a preferential
voting system (lowest polling candidate drops off until someone gets 50%+1)
can re-allocate votes for Jon according to the next preferences and declare
that person the GA nominee for Chair.

Yes. This is following the rules.

I believe that the GA itself has to decide this issue and that a quick poll
should be done of whether we wish to re-open nominations *if Jon is the
or just allocate preferentials.  I believe such a vote should be held
knowing who the 2nd placed candidate is (ie delay the detailed results

Yes, the GA has to decide this issue, but no, not in the middle of an
election sorry. After the election, this question may be addressed.


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