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[ga] Re: ICANN adopts revised Verisign agreements

Milton and all,

  Thank you milton for passing this along.  I am sure others in the DNSO
would be interested in this as well....

Milton Mueller wrote:

> We have another good lesson in how ICANN really works.
> The good news:
> The Names Council action did motivate the ICANN staff to demand changes in the proposed contract, and Verisign agreed (with some understandable reservations about applying those conditions to all registries) to make those changes. As some of us expected all along, the notion that the contracts were not amendable was just a bargaining position.
> The bad news:
> In proposing changes to the revised contract, the ICANN staff showed that it was willing to make concessions to the Intellectual Property constituency and some minor concessions to the registrars constituency. But (surprise!) it COMPLETELY IGNORED the changes sought by the Non-commercial constituency.
> Specifically, despite overwhelming public opposition to changing the status of .ORG, and despite the NCDNHC's request that the divestiture of .NET be moved forward and its total lack of interest the notion of turning ORG to a non-profit organization, these factors were not addressed at all in M. Stuart Lynn's  letter to Verisign asking for changes.
> See http://www.icann.org/correspondence/lynn-letter-to-sclavos-31mar01.htm
> There is one other item of "bad news." Our own Alejandro Pisanty proved once again that he is not responsive in the least to the concerns of this constituency. He voted for the revised agreements and expressed no objections about the refusal of Dr. Lynn to demand changes in the revised agreement that would satisfy the NCDNHC.
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