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Re: [ga] Reminder: Deadline for WIPO-RFC2 (2000-12-29)

At 11:38 04/12/2000 -0600, Andy Gardner wrote:
>And let's keep it that way.
>If you're going to ambush your enemy at the pass, you don't send some
>troops forward to meet them early and hand them a copy of the battle plan.
>In wartime, you shoot people for passing information to the enemy.

some of us believe that the simile of war is inappropriate; among other 
things, we have to live together with the persons on the other side for a 
long time to come, since people rarely end up dead in this discussion.

however, this being an information age conflict, all that we HAVE to 
"shoot" is information, and the ultimate "kill" is to convince your 
opposition that he is misguided and should change his approach.

shooting someone for passing bullets into the enemy? not likely.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, alvestrand@cisco.com
+47 41 44 29 94
Personal email: Harald@Alvestrand.no

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