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[discuss] Re: [IFWP] regular exprssion of the general assembly of the dnso


I have received this message from owner-list@ifwp.org.

Please remove my e-mail from the ifwp list immediatly. I have not
subscribed to such list and do not wish to be spammed by it. I would like
to remind you that, as an employee of Network Solutions, your company is
responsible for your actions.

Please do the same thing for everybody you have added against their will.

At 03:40 26/06/99 -0400, Richard J. Sexton wrote:
>So, it seems to me a better idea that declaring
>the discuss@dnso.org list as the regular expression
>of the general assembly of the DNSO would be to
>use the IFWP list for that purpose; it may take months
>or perhaps even a year to get the dnso list to the size
>the ifwp list.
>Are there any reasons why this shouldn't be done ?

As you have just showed us, the managment of the IFWP cannot be trusted. No
wonder there are so many people in it, they are added against their will.