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Re: [discuss] Unofficial minutes June 11 1999 Names Council Meeting

At 13:30 17/06/99 -0400, A.M. Rutkowski wrote:

For the record, your reporting on the first part of the meeting is
innacurate. I welcome the fact that you inform, but you should not report
on a part of a conversation that you have not heard complete, at it sends
the wrong signals, and bits are taken out of context. You should be
specially careful when the official scribe for the meeting disagrees on
what you are reporting.

This is a style meeting and record control that is
somewhat alien to me.  In any kind of open process with
which I'm familiar, there is no "official scribe," and
the participants are free to discuss what if fact occurred.
It this all part of "bottom-up" collaboration?

It is customary to have people report on what they hear, not on what was said before they arrived in the meeting or after they left.

The person I wrongly refered to as the "official scribe" was a member of the Names Council who happened to be there at the beginning of the meeting, was asked to take notes and heard all the conversation.

For the record, Tony, are you here representing yourself or NSi?