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RE: [council] URGENT GNSO Council call Friday 14 March, 14:00 UTC

I agree with Milton.  I would also ask for the following:

1)  Who called the meeting, since it is highly unusual for less than 24
hours notice for a meeting and;
2)  Although this may not be popular, I would ask that the results not be
released at all until after we clear up this "issue."  This way the council
may be able to more objectively resolve this "issue" without knowing who won
the actual vote.


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From: Milton Mueller [mailto:Mueller@syr.edu]
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To: council@dnso.org; DNSO.SECRETARIAT@dnso.org
Subject: Re: [council] URGENT GNSO Council call Friday 14 March, 14:00

I would like to know 
a) who raised "the question about the voting procedure"
b) what the question is

The timing of the conference call, miraculously, works for me.

>>> "DNSO SECRETARIAT" <DNSO.SECRETARIAT@dnso.org> 03/13/03 12:18PM >>>
[To council@dnso.org] 

Council Members,

A question has arisen about the voting procedure and a teleconference has
been set up for Friday March 14 at 14:00 UTC, the usual time for GNSO
Council teleconferences.
The dial in number is:
+1 415 321 4440
Participant code: 35790

There will be no second ballot sent out for the time being.

Your attendance on the call is very important.

Please forgive the very short notice.

GNSO Secretariat

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