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RE: [council] Re: good bye from GA

I will also join this string of statements of appreciation to both Thomas and Alex. For all the reasons noted, and to say again, that the GA had begun to show some promise of providing a forum for sharing and dialoguing envisioned when it was established.  Your leadership within the GA, and on its behalf with the NC and elsewhere is greatly appreciated. 

And, add a note of special recognition to the GA's members who supported TF's. Certainly, I can especially note Thomas Roessler, Abel Wisman, Kristy McGee, Dan Steinberg, and also Alex's support to the TF's. I am focused on those GA members who worked in TF's which I am part of, but recognize that there are other GA members involved elsewhere who also deserve thanks.  

I wanted to say "thanks" for that role from the GA. Indeed, much of the analysis work of the WHOIS TF early days was dependent upon analytical and system contributions of the three GA members. The GA members' participation has made a significant contribution throughout both the Transfers and WHOIS Task forces.  Your work is especially appreciated. 

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Subject: [council] Re: good bye from GA

Thomas and Alexander: 

I think both of you have brought a tremendous amount of order to what was an 
unruly process.  Thank you for your dedication, hard work and 

J. Scott Evans 

tony.ar.holmes@bt.com writes: 

> Thomas, Alexander
> Just couldn't let this pass without adding a few words to those from Philip.
> You both made a tremendous difference during the time you undertook, what is
> without doubt, very challenging roles. All of ICANN have benefited from your
> efforts.
> I'd like to echo Philip's words , 'a job well done!'
> Regards
> Tony
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> From: Philip Sheppard [mailto:philip.sheppard@aim.be]
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> Subject: [council] good bye from GA 
> Thomas, Alexander
> many thanks to you both for a job well done.
> Thomas as chair you have combined intelligence with tolerance.
> Alex as alternate chair your have shown great powers of analysis and a gift
> to explain complexity - your informal charts are an example of good
> communication from which we have all benefited.
> You have brought credit to yourselves and to the principle of a general
> assembly itself.
> Well done.
> Philip

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