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[council] ENDORSEMENTS: ICANN Board Member

[To: ga@dnso.org; announce@dnso.org]
[To:council@dnso.org ; Liaison7c@dnso.org]

The ICANN Board Member nomination period is closed.
Now you are called upon to endorse the candidates according to the procedure
set out in:

Each candidate requires 10 endorsements.

The result of the nomination process is as follows:
List of nominations:
2002/08/09 Roberto Gaetano Europe
2002/08/09 Grant Forsyth Asia/Pacific
2002/08/09 Alejandro Pisanty Latin America and Caribbean
2002/08/14 James Love North America
2002/08/14 Youn Jung Park Asia/Pacific
2002/08/21 Erick Iriarte Ahon Latin America and Caribbean
2002/08/25 Vivek Durai Asia/Pacific
2002/08/27 Peter Dengate Thrush Asia/Pacific

 Accepted their nomination
2002/08/28 Vivek Durai Asia/Pacific
2002/08/29 Alejandro Pisanty Latin America and Caribbean
2002/08/30 Youn Jung Park Asia/Pacific

 Declined their nomination
2002/08/11 Roberto Gaetano Europe
2002/08/13 Grant Forsyth Asia/Pacific
2002/08/19 James Love North America
2002/08/29 Peter Dengate Thrush Asia/Pacific
2002/08/29 Erick Iriarte Ahon Latin America and Caribbean

ENDORSEMENTS are open from Friday 30 August to Friday 20 September
 2002 at 16:00 UTC (18:00 Paris).
 For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

 Each candidate requires 10 endorsements.

 Please post endorsements to

 using the following template for endorsement:

3a. Full name of the endorser:
3b. E-mail address of the endorser:
3c. Full name of the accepted nominee you wish to endorse:
       (specific statements of endorsements  may also be submitted and are

The list of nominations, acceptances and endorsements
is permanently updated in:

The whole election process is described in

DNSO Secretariat.

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