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[council] Re: "...no DNSO rep has ever come from the U.S. and no dire consequences have resulted."


You appear to have attributed Jim Flemming's quote to me.  The only 
thing in the reply you send that was mine is the opening line in quotes. 
  The rest is Flemming.

My point was simply that assumptions regarding the geographic allocation 
of seats are often mistaken.  I was responding to Philip's concern that 
if there were not three seats from SOs, one seat would automaticly go to 
a NA rep and the rest of the world would fight over the second.

My point was that such assumptions pertaining to U.S. or NA influence 
over ICANN affairs is highly exagerated.  We could easily have two 
members from other regions beside NA.

(Indeed, as an American, I in fact feel my government doesn't do nearly 
enough to represent my national interests as opposed to other 
grovernments -- precisely because NTIA is so sensitive to appearing as 
if they dominate the process.)

I have never questioned that this is difficult for directors. 
Needlessly, in my opinion, because I believe that Directors should take 
a less active role, but that is an entirely seperate argument and one I 
have already conceded as lost.

On the issue of 2 v. 3 reps from the SOs, I think 3 is better. The 
relationship between size and efficiency is not a linear one.  A large 
Board can function smoothly, while a Board of only 5 can be deadlocked 
or manage itself in an inefficent fashion.  I personally believe that 
the trade off for representation is worth it for the additional hassle.
But this is not compelling. At the end of the day, 2 v. 3 is a value 
judgment because this isn't an exact science.


Jonathan Cohen wrote:

> Harold,
> your cynicism is showing. Time to correct you. Directors dont 'party' they
> work very long hours as VOLUNTEERS.The Tra vel is deliberate "outreach"...OR
> should we always meet in the USA or Canada where its convenient for the
> 'richest' people???
> AND Being a DIRECTOR has cost me a small fortune.Like most Directors I NEVER
> bill for all of my expenses..I absorb many personally and the total over the
> years is significant NOT to mention lost revenue,family time etc etc.I know
> other Directors and DNSO /NC participants are in the same boat so lets 'play
> constructively"  You can have no idea how large (or small) a sacrifice many
> are paying and the fact of a few dinners out etc doesnt define contribution
> or sacrifice. the simple reason there was no rep from the USA so far is
> because I won the elections for that region over the US Candidates.
> Eventually,I will ''be gone'' and there is every liklihood that the next
> DNSO NA rep will be American.But I wont go without a 'fight'..if people want
> me to serve (Grin)
> best regards
> Jonathan
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> Subject: "...no DNSO rep has ever come from the U.S. and no dire
> consequences have resulted."
> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/council/Arc10/msg00353.html
> From: "Harold J. Feld" <hfeld@mediaaccess.org>
> "...no DNSO rep has ever come from the U.S. and no dire consequences have
> resulted."
> ===
> Could that be because the DNSO and NC have never done anything...besides
> travel and party...?
> Has the ICANN Board done anything ?
> What about the millions of .ORG owners ?...have they voted on who they want
> as a Registry ?
> Oh that's right....voting is hard to do...better let the "staff" make the
> hard decisions...
> ....especially when it comes to adding per-domain fees to fund their travel
> and parties...
> 1995 - Charging for .COM
> 1996 - Distractions with TLD Discussions, ISOC Steps In, IAHC Started
> 1997 - IAHC Wastes One Year - eDNS De-Railed with Promises of Reform
> 1998 - DOC/ITAG Distractions, Postel Dies, ICANN Formed
> 1999 - Delays and Distractions *Reducing* the Number of Registrars via
> Accreditation
> 2000 - ICANN TLD Beauty Pageant Lottery Delays and Distractions...$50,000 a
> chance
> 2001 - Proof of Concept TLD Launch Delays and Fiascos - Insiders Finally
> Paid
> 2002 - Self-Manufactured Reformation and Ethical Bankruptcy Exposed
> 2003 - More travel and parties...and distractions....funded by .ORG...
> Jim Fleming
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