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Re: [council] Interim NC recommendations on ICANN evolution

After having read Sr. Pisanty's report, I am concerned that some of our recommendations do not provide the type of input the Committee is seeking.  Specifically, the recommendations with regard to funding seem a bit general and unclear.  I think it is incumbent upon us to clearly state a possible solution(s) to the funding crisis.
Another area where we need more clarification is with regard to the "Advisory Bodies."  Who makes up these bodies and how will they operate?  What is the relationship between these bodies and the Board?  If we believe the Board should manage the policy making process, how specifically do we envision that being accomplished?  Perhaps many of these questions are going to be fleshed out on Thursday.  However, my take on Sr. Pistany's report is that, at least to date, his committee has not received enough specific proposals on how ICANN can and/or should evolve to solve the problems that Stuart identified in his original paper.
J. Scott Evans
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Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 5:13 AM
Subject: [council] Interim NC recommendations on ICANN evolution

In view of the publication yesterday (April 29) of an interim report from the ICANN evaluation committee I propose to extend to the May 2 call, the time for comments on the discussion points of NC recommendations v7. After that point I will send this interim report to the Committee as we continue our discussions.
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Sent: 25 April 2002 10:25
Subject: [council] Interim NC recommendations on ICANN evolution

Further to yesterday's (April 24) NC call I attach a set of interim recommendations. I will forward these to the ICANN evolution committee on April 29. Recommendations 1 - 13 are settled. Based on the e-mail input prior to April 24, and discussion on the call I have drafted three additional recommendations (14, 15,16). Please let me have your comments /support etc on these three latest midnight your time zone April 28. That will allow me to make any last minute changes before submitting this interim paper.
Next steps
As agreed on the call, the next call is May 2 at the usual call time. We will focus discussions on policy development.
Philip Sheppard
NC Chair

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