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RE: [council] Conference fees as revenue source

Hello Harold,

My comments on this matter in earlier phone conferences relate to the many
organisations and people that attend ICANN conferences that can afford to
pay a registration fee to cover the costs of the event.  I would expect that
at least 90% of those attending could pay a registration fee.

> I will add that, from personal experience, many professional 
> conferences 
> provide scholarships or waive fees for non-profits. 

Agreed.  I support that concept.  The fees for the meeting/conference would
cover the cost of scholarships etc to waive fees for those in need.  In fact
this could be sponsored by an industry sponsor.  

From my observations of recent ICANN meetings, I have seen members of
non-commercial participants travel long distances internationally and
staying in 5-star hotels, and eating at expensive local restaurants.  These
people have often been sponsored via various grants and Universities (I have
asked them).  They are also often well paid professionals in their own
right.  A conference fee would not be a significant component of their
overall spend.  I have also noted limited attendance by non-commercial
members located at the same location as the ICANN conference (for which
there are no costs).

So I am all for those that are in genuine need of support, and can apply
through an appropriate process for that support.

 Non-profits are a critical part of the Internet 
> community.  Many of 
> our members play vital roles in maintianing an Internet 
> structure in their 
> countries or providing training and Internet access. 


> I hope 
> that ICANN, 
> and its members, will value this perspective.


Bruce Tonkin

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