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RE: [council] Revised WLS Proposal (fwd)

Quoting Marilyn:

> One question to Cary:
> Cary, I note that you are forwarding a Verisign document to the NC
> regarding a registry (Verisign) proposal to the Registrars. I seek
> clarification of this action. Is the gTLD Constituency supporting
> or endorsing in some way this proposal from one of the registries
> who are involved in your constituency?  Perhaps this is an
> informational only posting? IF so, should questions be addressed
> to the gTLD registry constituency, or to Verisign itself?

I forwarded the documents at the request of Chuck Gomes. My having
done so does not indicate any policy stance within the gTLD
Constituency beyond that of its representatives to the NC being
available to post material that constituency members wish to have
called to the attention of the NC, via the NC distribution list.

VGRS is eliciting commentary about these documents from the DNSO
Constituencies and I assume that it would be appropriate to address
any responses directly to Chuck <cgomes@verisign.com>. If Chuck
wishes any NC commentary to be sent directly to the constituency, I
will advise asap.


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