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Re: [council] NC WHOIS Committee - update.....


I'm going to volunteer on behalf of the ISP constituency - particularly 
since WHOIS has turned out to be a major issue on my constituency's agenda 
but I'd also like to ensure that those concerns are given a hear which have 
been expressed by Europeans - particularly with respect to privacy.

Best regards,
Michael Schneider

At 22:26 26.02.01 +0000, Paul M. Kane wrote:
>NC members
>Here's an informational.  The NC WHOIS Committee is in "limbo" awaiting
>the publication of the report by the members of the ICANN Staff
>Committee and Rebecca Nesson. I have contacted ICANN asking for a
>publication date and they are currently working on the final draft.
>I am grateful to YJ, Axel, Theresa, Oscar, for offering to work with me
>on the WHOIS Committee. I hope the ISP Constituency and the Registry
>Constituency will be able to appoint a representative in advance of
>As a reminder the terms of reference of the NC WHOIS Committee is:
>i) The NC WHOIS Committee is to ask ICANN to create a web site and
>mailing list
>to solicit comments of substance on the ICANN (Staff) WHOIS Committee
>and invite other interested groups to submit Position Papers for
>comment on the web site and mailing list
>ii) The NC WHOIS Committee will assimilate the submitted Position Papers
>comments to produce a report high-lighting areas of convergence and
>areas where more work may be necessary.
>iii) Where additional work areas are identified the NC WHOIS Committee
>prepare a Charter for consideration by the whole NC which may lead to
>creation of a Task Force and or Working Group to work on the identified
>Regards to all .... see you in Melbourne...

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