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[council] NC WHOIS Committee - update.....

NC members

Here's an informational.  The NC WHOIS Committee is in "limbo" awaiting
the publication of the report by the members of the ICANN Staff
Committee and Rebecca Nesson. I have contacted ICANN asking for a
publication date and they are currently working on the final draft.

I am grateful to YJ, Axel, Theresa, Oscar, for offering to work with me
on the WHOIS Committee. I hope the ISP Constituency and the Registry
Constituency will be able to appoint a representative in advance of

As a reminder the terms of reference of the NC WHOIS Committee is:

i) The NC WHOIS Committee is to ask ICANN to create a web site and
mailing list
to solicit comments of substance on the ICANN (Staff) WHOIS Committee
and invite other interested groups to submit Position Papers for
comment on the web site and mailing list
ii) The NC WHOIS Committee will assimilate the submitted Position Papers
comments to produce a report high-lighting areas of convergence and
areas where more work may be necessary.
iii) Where additional work areas are identified the NC WHOIS Committee
prepare a Charter for consideration by the whole NC which may lead to
creation of a Task Force and or Working Group to work on the identified

Regards to all .... see you in Melbourne...


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