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Re: [council] Budget - ACTION REQUESTED

I reply here on behalf of ISPCP.

ISPCP held a teleconference (although I myself could not join) and
it agreed to pay US$13,642.86. Members are now being asked for
its share to commit. The total amount (US$13,642.86) shall be
satisfied. ISPCP office will invoice each member's share in a
couple of weeks and I hope the total amount shall be paid within


\At 23:58 01/01/30, owner-council@dnso.org wrote:
>Item 1 of the NC call Feb 8 is budget. Louis Touton posted 24 January 
>figures regarding the 1999 $5000 and 2000 $13,642.86 call for fees.
>Constituencies completely paid:
>Business, gTLD, IP, Registrars.
>Constituencies owing for 1999:
>Non-Commercial owes $867
>Constituencies owing for 2000:
>ccTLDs                 $12,350.27
>ISPs                     $13,642.86
>Non Commercial    $13,642.86
>I know there have been verbal promises to pay by various parties but for 
>clarity in our budget discussions, before the February 8 call may I ask 
>YJ, Zakaria or Dany for the Non-Commercial; Peter, Elisabeth or Oscar for 
>the ccTLDS; and Hiro, Tony or Michael for the ISPs to please post to the 
>Council list:
>1. A statement whether or not the constituency INTENDS to make payment for 
>the defaulting periods.
>2. Where payment is intended, the date by which you expect it will be 
>received by ICANN.
>Many thanks.

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