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[council] After NC teleconference today....

Hello members,

Let me update about NC meeting today.

NC is going to recognize Greg Burton as WG Chair and myself as
NC Liaison Chair from now on which has been confirmed by Ken Stubbs
asking WG-Review to work continuously.

On the other hand, NC voted for (One against from myself, No Abstention)

NC is going to stick to its own timetable under the condition that
WG-Review's various poll result will be continuously updated and reflected
in the DNSO Review Report and WG-Review is expected to make its
continuous efforts to provide its inputs through the whole process until the
Melbourne Board meeting.

January 15, 2001: All Comments to NC Review Task Force
January 19, 2001: DNSO Review Report v1 to NC for review prior to
                            January 24th NC call.
January 24, 2001: NC Discussion of DNSO Review Report v1. Task Force
                            incorporates comments resulting from discussion.
January 26, 2001: Posting of DNSO Review Report v2 (V2 includes NC
                            discussion) for DNSO public comment (Jan.
26-Feb. 9).
February 9, 2001: End of DNSO Public Comment period
February 12, 2001: Forward DNSO Review Report with public comments to ICANN.
February 14, 2001: ICANN posts DNSO Review Report for Public Comment

The reason for being against this motion and related comments.

1. It is ironical that even NC Review TF whixh is supposed to folllow the
    procedure has not followed it and furthermore, it should have made
    substantial efforts to discuss draft report through mailing list or
    instead of few mailing list discussion in the form of notice.

2. It is impossible for Review TF to come up with its interim report with
    another two days from now on. That should be posted in the name of
    an individual, Theresa Swinehart instead of Review TF's report which
    doesn't provide proper open and formal channel of discussion among
    the full members and exclude some member's comments upon her own
    decision rather than Review TF''s whole agreement.


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