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[council] Final Work Plan - WG-Review

To: WG-Review members, NC and Review Task Force
From: Greg Burton, Elected WG-Review Chair

This is going to be a WG-Review's Work Plan from Jan 26 to Feb. 28.

Thanks and regards,
YJ Park, Liaison WG-Review Chair from NC
Final Work Plan - WG-Review

This is the work plan we've come up with to complete our work. At the
beginning of each segment, a post summarizing the current status and past
discussions on the topic will be posted, including the process notes listed
below. Topics and tenative schedule are as follows

Constituencies, the General Assembly, and the Names Council will be
addressed in sequence, with motion formation proceeding after each segment.
Because of the inter-related nature of these topics, voting will occur
after all three have been discussed. In all cases, the topics will be voted
on as the next topic is discussed. Volunteers will be solicited to write
the summary introductions, and to collate material as it is collected.

This is an ambitious schedule. The WG will make every attempt to meet it's
internal deadlines and provide it's material to the Names Council in a
timely manner. If necessary, times may be shortened on items that attract
little discussion.

1. Constituencies         Jan 26-30
2. General Assembly    Jan 30-Feb 2
3. Names Council         Feb 3-6  the vote til Feb 10
4. Work Groups            Feb 7-10 then vote til Feb 14
5. Standardized Procedures Feb 11-14 then vote til Feb 19
6. Outreach                   Feb 15-19
7. Funding                     Feb 20-23 then vote til Feb 27
8. Finalize and collate Report Feb 23-28

Process Notes

Those members of the WG who have participated in the polls have indicated a
desire to operate on a majority vote basis. Accordingly, nothing will be
reported out of this group as a consensus opinion unless the specific
question has been properly formed as a question to be answered on the basis
of consensus and consensus has been achieved on that question. The votes of
members for or against any question or statement will be reported out for
each statement.

A majority of the group reject the concept of their report being labeled
"consensus" by any other body, including the NC and Board of Directors. An
explicit statement to this effect will be included in each report produced
by the WG. Any attempt to claim consensus in this group that does not meet
the standards of the previous paragraph will be challenged on behalf of the
group by the chair and co-chair.

Formal voting on questions or positions requiring group approval will take
place in the Voting Booth, under the administration of Mr. Joop Teernstra.
Mr David Farrar (dpf), a member of this WG, has experience in constructing
polls professionally, and has offered his assistance to the group in
forming neutral statements for voting and polling. Question, positions, and
motions to be submitted will be placed before the group for at least 48
hours of discussion of the language before being adopted for a vote.
Because not all members can participate in short timeframe votes, questions
for a vote will remain open for 5 days.

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