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[council] Motion from WG-Review to Create Another WG for IDNHC.

Hello all,

This has been sent by Greg Burton, elected WG-Review Chair,
with a request to forward this to the Names Council so that this
can be discussed during the NC teleconference under the agenda
item either WG-Review or Individual Domain Names Holders

Motion by Chris McElroy & David Farrar -
Adopted by WG-Review on a vote of 18-4

The WG Review has reached a near consensus that a new Constituency be added
to represent Individual Domain Name Registrants. This WG has not addressed
the matter of how to implement this new Constituency, neither has it
what group should represent them, nor how it is to be formed. We only
present that one should be formed or selected within six months.We
propose a dedicated working group be set up to come up with specific
and options  on the structure and functioning of the constituency.

We ask that this process be expedited in this way because we believe it to
be an oversight not to have included them in the process from the beginning.
Furthermore, we hope this matter would be put on the agenda as a top
and that public comment will be sought on how this constituency shall be

How an individual domain name registrants constituency shall contribute to
the funding of ICANN and the DNSO needs to be examined by the dedicated
working group. There is a view that such registrants already indirectly
fund ICANN and DNSO through their domain name fees which largely fund the
Registrar, Registry and ccTLD constituencies and this should be evaluated
and negotiated with those constituencies."
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