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[council] Re: non-commercial domain name holders constituency and DNSOreview comments

on 6/01/01 20:09, Theresa Swinehart at Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com wrote:

> Dear Representatives of the DNSO Non-Commercial Constituency,
> This note is just to remind you that any additional comments to the DNSO
> Review Questionnaire from your constituency are now due on January 15th to
> the NC Review Task Force. A reminder of this extension was sent out to the
> NC Task Force and Names Council on December 29th.
> Any comments already received prior to the extension following the Marina
> del Ray NC meeting, or the December 21st press release noting the January
> 15th extension, will of course be automatically be included, and there is no
> need to resend those.
> kind regards,
> Theresa
Hi Theresa,

Please find below the position of the NCDNHC adcom:

TO: The Names Council; The Names Council Review Task Force; ICANN Staff and

RE: Response to DNSO Review Questionnaire

The Non-commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency supports a careful,
comprehensive, and productive review of the DNSO. At the Marina del Rey
meeting, the members of the NCDNHC voted for the formation of an
open working group to study the problems of the DNSO and make suitable

We appreciate Names Council's final decision to create this working
group and we believe that the January 15 deadline imposed on the working
group, and the filtering of its input through a Names Council-appointed Task
Force, constitute unnecessary and counterproductive constraints on the DNSO
Review process.

Please accept this as our only official response to the Questionnaire.

For the last, NCDNHC requests NC to extend working group's deadline.


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