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Re: [council] Notification of DNSO NC selection of the ICANN Board member

I'm sorry I couldn't make a call tonight.
I support the result of today's conference call


At 00/09/15 22:40, you wrote:
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> Date: 15 Sep 2000 22:38:00 +0900
> From: owner-council@dnso.org
> Subject: [council] Notification of DNSO NC selection of the ICANN Board me
> To: council@dnso.org
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> Names Council,
> Below is a notification confirming the selection result of  the
> DNSO ICANN board candidate that will be forwarded to the ICANN Board.
> Today short NC teleconference was attended by 10 NC members:
>       ISPCP Constituency: Michael Schneider
>       Business Constituency: Masanobu Katoh
>       Registrars Constituency: Ken Stubbs, Paul Kane
>       ccTLD Constituency: Patricio Poblete
>       IP Constituency: Caroline G. Chicoine, Guillermo Carey
>       NCDNH Constituency: Youn Jung Park, Dany Vandromme
>       gTLD Constituency: Roger Cochetti
> The motion with the text of notification to be sent to the ICANN
> Board was moved on by Ken Stubbs and seconded by Masanobu Katoh.
> This motion was unanimously approved by all 10 present, its
> text is attached below.
> Dr Nii N. Quaynor from ccTLD had join at 14:20
> The NC will consider to review voting procedures, among others
> will plan to have some teleconferences with nominated candidates,
> few weeks prior to the selection itself.
> All NC members were requested to participate in the current 
> DNSO Review process, initiated after Yokohama meetings, with
> Pindar Wong and Alejandro Pisanty from ICANN Executive Committee acting
> as the liaison between the EC and the NC on the DNSO review project.
> The whole selection process took 8 weeks. Five candidates were
> nominated, one withdrawn. The remining 4 received 256 endorsements.
> Thank you for the time you dedicated to be on calls (sometimes 
> in the very early morning, or late at night, or conflicting with
> your other occupations) and for your work together for the 
> benefit of the whole DNSO community.
> Elisabeth
> --
> Text proposed as motion and adopted unaninmously by 10 NC members
> present which I am forwarding to ICANN today:
> Friday, 15 September 2000
>   Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
>   Board of Directors
>   4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
>   Marina del Rey CA 90292
>   Cc: Michael Roberts, President and CEO
>   The DNSO Names Council confirms the selection of one DNSO
>   representative to the ICANN Board, and hereby presents 
>   the selected candidate to the the ICANN Board:
>       Jonathan Cohen (Canada; North America region), three years term
>   The DNSO Names Council confirms that it considers the elections
>   to have been fair, that votes were correctly counted, and that 
>   the results thereby correctly reflect the voting for the candidate.
>   The candidate had the affirmative votes of more than half (1/2)
>   of all the members of the NC.
>   We wish him success and look forward to co-operating with him.
>   An independent review and audit of the procedures will be conducted,
>   and these results will also be published when the review is complete.
>   The Names Council will open to the public the voting records
>   subsequent to ICANN receiving and accepting the selected candidate.
>   Sincerely,
>   Elisabeth Porteneuve
>   DNSO Secretariat
>   on behalf of the DNSO Names Council
Hirofumi Hotta
R&D Strategy, NTT

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