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[council] Contact for Los Angeles Meetings planning

Names Council folk:

Just when you thought it was time to relax, we've got to start making
arrangements for the November meetings in Los Angeles, California.  The
venue for the meetings will be the Marriott Hotel in Marina del Rey,

As we did in Yokohama (many thanks to Hotta-san!), the Names Council needs
to designate a single contact person who will be responsible for making DNSO
scheduling decisions, and conveying them to ICANN staff.

ICANN's contact person for scheduling will be John Crain <crain@icann.org>.
As in the past, I ask that DNSO constituencies *not* flood him directly with
room requests, but rather work through the Names Council's designated

ICANN will attempt to secure the necessary DNSO meeting rooms at no cost to
the DNSO, but I cannot yet confirm that all the rooms will be available for
free.  Webcasting of the NC and GA will again require a sponsor, or a
commitment of funds from the DNSO, in the amount of approximately $10,000.

Here's what we're currently assuming on the basis of prior meetings:

Day 1 (November 13):  Constituencies
  - ccTLD (100 persons)
  - gTLD (30)
  - Registrars (100)
  - ISPs (30)
  - Business (50)
  - Noncommercial (100)
  - Intellectual Property (50)

Day 2 (November 14):  Names Council & GA

Day 3 (November 15):  ICANN Public Forum

Day 4 (November 16):  ICANN Board

However, the DNSO and the constituencies can schedule themselves as they
like.  Meeting rooms earlier than November 13 or later than November 16
cannot be provided for free under any circumstances, so please factor that
into your decisions.

Once you have designated a contact person, she/he should contact John



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