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Re: [council] Procedures

> Further to Ken's question on NC self-reflection and working procedures:
> The NC agreed to adopt the Berkman concept of an intake committee but we
> have never set it up. (Such a committee would also address the issue now
> under discussion about NC/WG C.) Lets agree to do so. In the spirit of
> co-operation I volunteer to participate in an intake committee if it is
> up.

Supporting Philip's proposal, I would also like to volunteer for setting it
and facilitating it appropriately.

To help you remind of the Berkman Center's procedure, I attach its
brief procedure. If you want to get access to a full content, please visit



                   ICANN Board
                NC Meeting III
                    Final Vote
               WG Incorp. Comments
               Public Comments
                 NC Meeting II
Considers Report(New Working Group Propsal)
            WG Prepares Report
                NC Meeting I
Proposal discussed, amended & voted upon.
                    Intake Committee
ICANN, NC, GA, Constituencies, SOs

This is the flowchart from beginning to end incorporating the DNSO
Bottom -Up Process.  The following slides elaborate each stage
of the process.

The proposed process is based in large part on the ICANN bylaws.
Keeping in mind the governing principles of ICANN and
in order to streamline the process, we have also made some suggestions
for additional procedures, most notably, for example, the Intake Committee.

The Bottom-Up Process described below deals with proposals
to consider a topic submitted to the Names Council.  This process
shows the various steps that these proposals have to pass through
in order to become Names Council recommendations.

Other issues that are dealt with during a Names Council meeting,
such as budgetary issues, do not have to follow the process.
These non-substantive proposals differ from proposals to consider
substantive topics because they are not intended to become
Names Council recommendations to the ICANN board.

We suggest that, separate from the Bottom-Up Process for
consideration of substantive issues, such non-substantive issues
be submitted to the secretariat (ideally prior to the meeting)
for immediate placement on the agenda.

> For information
> The NC work group (chaired by Richard Lindsay) had proposed the following
> structure for the intake committee:
> "Membership:  3 members made up of the GA Chair and 2 designated
> members of the Names Council.  The term would be for 1 year, and during
> that time, there would not be rotations among the NC members.
> The NC secretariat would be an ex officio member."
> Philip

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