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RE: [council] Post-election steps

I agree with Richard

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Subject: Re: [council] Post-election steps


I do not recall agreeing to the timing of the audit of the results,
just that we should do it.  We have the LA meeting in less than
2 weeks, so obviously we want to post our results as soon as possible.
I have no idea how long this audit process (which we really didn't
discuss in detail - as in who will do it, what about costs, etc.) will
take.  If we can get the audit done by the 25th, I see no problems
having the audit beforehand.  If it takes more time than that, I
suggest we submit the results to ICANN and simultaneously
pursue the independent review.

I believe in many elections (of a much larger scale) audits and the
results are conducted after the ballots have been counted and
released, and the elected officials have begun serving their
terms.  At least this is my impression.

I suggest we continue with the proposal to vote on this.  If the
motion doesn't pass, we audit first.  Kathryn, I suggest if you want
to have this option included on the ballot (conduct audit first
before confirming results) you propose a motion.


KathrynKL@aol.com wrote:

> I do not believe that this was the agreement of Names Council.  It is
> material change in one of the major preconditions to continuing the
> - conducting the audit prior to reporting the results. I think the
public and
> our constituencies will be very concerned by our removing a promised
> safeguard and independent review.
> I object.
> Kathryn KLeman
> >
> >  Based on Andrew's input tomorrow, we need to confirm the elections,
> >  and notify the ICANN board by next Tuesday the 26th.  I do not
think this
> >  means we cannot conduct an audit and review of the process, but
> >  we cannot wait until the audit is complete.

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