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Re: [council] Post-election steps


I my understanding correct that ICANN expected all 3 SO's
providing selection results for October 22th ?

I recall that you sent this information to the NC few days
ago unless you gave it during one of the voting NC telecons.
I am sorry I cannot check it now, today is my very busy day.
Will be back on line in 4 hours.

Kind regards,


> From owner-council@dnso.org Thu Oct 21 13:20 MET 1999
> Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 20:15:21 +0900
> From: Richard Lindsay <richard@interq.ad.jp>
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> Subject: Re: [council] Post-election steps
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> OK, it seems that there is enough support to initiate a ballot
> with the Vote Bot system.  I believe that we should follow
> the schedule to approve the vote, and submit it to ICANN
> (and simultaneously pursue the independent audit.)
> I propose the vote be either "for" or "against" the motion,
> and that we vote by the 25th of October and submit the
> vote by the 26th if there is a majority.
> The only reason I suggest waiting until the 25th is because
> there is only one day left this week.  I would support an
> earlier vote, but I think there may be some problems with
> people traveling or not accessible to email.  However we
> can start voting early, and submit the results once we reach
> 10 votes.  This is a little off procedure, but we are interested
> in timeliness, would this violate any rules (Andrew?)
> Best regards,
> Richard
> Theresa Swinehart wrote:
> > Richard,
> >
> > My recollection is similar to yours - we agreed we need to do it but the
> > timing was parallel (i.e., it wouldn't hold up getting the results out).
> >
> > Theresa
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