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Re: [council] Post-election steps

OK, it seems that there is enough support to initiate a ballot
with the Vote Bot system.  I believe that we should follow
the schedule to approve the vote, and submit it to ICANN
(and simultaneously pursue the independent audit.)
I propose the vote be either "for" or "against" the motion,
and that we vote by the 25th of October and submit the
vote by the 26th if there is a majority.

The only reason I suggest waiting until the 25th is because
there is only one day left this week.  I would support an
earlier vote, but I think there may be some problems with
people traveling or not accessible to email.  However we
can start voting early, and submit the results once we reach
10 votes.  This is a little off procedure, but we are interested
in timeliness, would this violate any rules (Andrew?)

Best regards,

Theresa Swinehart wrote:

> Richard,
> My recollection is similar to yours - we agreed we need to do it but the
> timing was parallel (i.e., it wouldn't hold up getting the results out).
> Theresa

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