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RE: [council] Post-election steps

Let's get the results in ASAP and work the verification in parallel.  It's
the only pragmatic solution to the schedule bottleneck. don

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my recollections are similiar to richard here ...

ken stubbs
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> Kathryn,
> I do not recall agreeing to the timing of the audit of the results,
> just that we should do it.  We have the LA meeting in less than
> 2 weeks, so obviously we want to post our results as soon as possible.
> I have no idea how long this audit process (which we really didn't
> discuss in detail - as in who will do it, what about costs, etc.) will
> take.  If we can get the audit done by the 25th, I see no problems
> having the audit beforehand.  If it takes more time than that, I
> suggest we submit the results to ICANN and simultaneously
> pursue the independent review.
> I believe in many elections (of a much larger scale) audits and the
> results are conducted after the ballots have been counted and
> released, and the elected officials have begun serving their
> terms.  At least this is my impression.
> I suggest we continue with the proposal to vote on this.  If the
> motion doesn't pass, we audit first.  Kathryn, I suggest if you want
> to have this option included on the ballot (conduct audit first
> before confirming results) you propose a motion.
> Richard
> KathrynKL@aol.com wrote:
> > I do not believe that this was the agreement of Names Council.  It is a
> > material change in one of the major preconditions to continuing the
> > - conducting the audit prior to reporting the results. I think the
public and
> > our constituencies will be very concerned by our removing a promised
> > safeguard and independent review.
> >
> > I object.
> > Kathryn KLeman
> >
> > >
> > >  Based on Andrew's input tomorrow, we need to confirm the elections,
> > >  and notify the ICANN board by next Tuesday the 26th.  I do not think
> > >  means we cannot conduct an audit and review of the process, but
> > >  we cannot wait until the audit is complete.
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