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[council] Subscription to council maillist

Dear NC members,

As a DNSO-selected Director of ICANN I cannot keep my current role as
NC member and I have thereore already submitted my resgination to you.

But I would appreciate that you allow me to remain subscribed to this
list, council@dnso.org, as it will help me keeping cloise contact with
DNSO afairs. Indeed I could folow it through the public archives, but
it would be simpler for me to remain subscribed.

I will also attend as an observer all teleconferences you deem
appropriate for me to attend, and will monitor the others though the
webcasting faciliites.

Best regards.


PS: I am also writng toeach and every consituency asking them if they
consider useful adding me to their discusison mailinglists. And I
encourage you all, as I did when in the NC, to make all the archives
accessible to the public, which apaprently is only the cse of the
Registrars constituency so far.