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[council] Re: Congratulations

Dennis Jennings wrote:
> Alejandro, Amadeu, Jonathan,
> Congratulations on your election.
> I look forward to working with you all as Board members.
Thanks, Dennis,

I hope that now that the elections are voer (except for the registrars
who need to find a replacment, adn del with the citixenship&residence
issue...) we will all go back to "real work".

In this regard I hope that it will be clear to everybody that despite
of the "consituency orgigins· of any of the Board members, we all
share a duty to acto on behalf otf the hwole corporation, but, err,
with special focus on defending the views and interests and
chennelling if need the opinions, maorority and minority ones, form
our SO of origin, the DNSO.

So I encourage you to test ASAP how dilignet and available we all are ;-))