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[council] Details of next rounds


Apologies - I thought that I sent an e-mail like this out earlier today - 
but it seems to have gone missing.

Well - we got through two rounds of the No. 1 Election today and got down 
to five candidates.

On the resumed teleconference, we (those on the conference) agreed the 

Round 3:  You should by now have received the round three voting paper with 
5 candidates remaining.  The round three vote continues until 14:00 CET - 
that is one hour before Tuesday's teleconference.  We have therefore an 
hour to consult on the next round before the teleconference.

Round 4:  This round starts at 15:00 CET and continues until 15:40 CET. 
 Results should be available by 15:45 CET.

Round 5:  This round (if necessary) starts at 15:45 CET and continues until 
16:25 CET.  Results should be available by 16:30 CET.

Round 6:  Thsi round  (if necessary) starts at 16:30 CET and continues 
until 17:10 CET.  Results should be available by 17:15 CET.

If further rounds are necessary they will continue over Tuesday/Wednesday 
CET and into the Wednesday teleconference.

I trust this is clear.  Questions to me by e-mail or by phone +353 87 220