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[council] b01, Preliminary round results

DNSO Secreatariat,
October 10th, 18:15

The NC voting for the ICANN Board members.
Result of the preliminary round.

       The purpose of the preliminary round is to learn
       (practice of voting procedure by the NC) and to show
       relative preferences between nominees. It was resolved
       that no candidates will be be eliminated in the
       preliminary round.

Ballot sent with      14 nominees
           b01:[ ] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
           b01:[ ] Karl_Auerbach (NorthA)
           b01:[ ] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
           b01:[ ] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
           b01:[ ] David_Maher (NorthA)
           b01:[ ] Naomasa_Maruyama (AsiaPac)
           b01:[ ] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
           b01:[ ] Nii_Quaynor (Africa)
           b01:[ ] Dan_Steinberg (NorthA)
           b01:[ ] Don_Telage (NorthA)
           b01:[ ] Stefano_Trumpy (Europe)
           b01:[ ] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
           b01:[ ] Dany_Vandromme (Europe)
           b01:[ ] Rick_White (NorthA)
Electorate of 19 persons, casting up to 3 votes for different persons
Ballots received from      19 persons (sorted by arrival time)
Casted votes (sorted by personal code)
           b01:K02tZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K06nZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K0rqZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K0vbZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K0vcZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K0vdZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K0vzZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K11aZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K12aZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1boZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1brZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1bsZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1btZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1buZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1cmZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K1dbZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1dmZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1fsZ casted  3 votes
           b01:K1fuZ casted  3 votes
Nb of casted votes      55
Vote results, full list:
(sorted by number of votes received, lowest first, alphabetical)
                 0 Dan_Steinberg_(NorthA)
                 0 David_Maher_(NorthA)
                 1 Dany_Vandromme_(Europe)
                 1 Don_Telage_(NorthA)
                 2 Karl_Auerbach_(NorthA)
                 2 Naomasa_Maruyama_(AsiaPac)
                 3 Nii_Quaynor_(Africa)
                 3 Stefano_Trumpy_(Europe)
                 5 Rick_White_(NorthA)
                 6 Edmundo_Valenti_(LatinAC)
                 6 Peter_Dengate-Thrush_(AsiaPac)
                 8 Jonathan_Cohen_(NorthA)
                 9 Alejandro_Pisanty_(LatinAC)
                 9 Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril_(Europe)
Nb of different nominees who received more than zero votes      12
(reverse order of votes received, highest first, reverse alphabetical)
                 9 Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril_(Europe)
                 9 Alejandro_Pisanty_(LatinAC)
                 8 Jonathan_Cohen_(NorthA)
                 6 Peter_Dengate-Thrush_(AsiaPac)
                 6 Edmundo_Valenti_(LatinAC)
                 5 Rick_White_(NorthA)
                 3 Stefano_Trumpy_(Europe)
                 3 Nii_Quaynor_(Africa)
                 2 Naomasa_Maruyama_(AsiaPac)
                 2 Karl_Auerbach_(NorthA)
                 1 Don_Telage_(NorthA)
                 1 Dany_Vandromme_(Europe)
Public results (sorted by personal code)
 b01:K02tZ:[X] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K02tZ:[X] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
 b01:K02tZ:[X] Rick_White (NorthA)
 b01:K06nZ:[X] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K06nZ:[X] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
 b01:K06nZ:[X] Naomasa_Maruyama (AsiaPac)
 b01:K0rqZ:[X] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K0rqZ:[X] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
 b01:K0rqZ:[X] Rick_White (NorthA)
 b01:K0vbZ:[X ] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K0vbZ:[X ] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K0vbZ:[X ] Rick_White (NorthA)
 b01:K0vcZ:[X] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
 b01:K0vcZ:[X] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
 b01:K0vcZ:[X] Rick_White (NorthA)
 b01:K0vdZ:[ X] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K0vdZ:[ X] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
 b01:K0vdZ:[X ] Rick_White (NorthA)
 b01:K0vzZ:[ x] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K0vzZ:[x ] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K0vzZ:[x ] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K11aZ:[X] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K11aZ:[X] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K11aZ:[X] Naomasa_Maruyama (AsiaPac)
 b01:K12aZ:[X] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K12aZ:[X] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K12aZ:[X] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K1boZ:[X] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K1boZ:[X] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
 b01:K1boZ:[X] Stefano_Trumpy (Europe)
 b01:K1brZ:[X] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K1brZ:[X] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K1brZ:[X] Stefano_Trumpy (Europe)
 b01:K1bsZ:[X] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K1bsZ:[X] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
 b01:K1bsZ:[X] Stefano_Trumpy (Europe)
 b01:K1btZ:[x] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K1btZ:[x] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
 b01:K1btZ:[x] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K1buZ:[x] Amadeu_Abril_i_Abril (Europe)
 b01:K1buZ:[x] Edmundo_Valenti (LatinAC)
 b01:K1buZ:[x] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K1cmZ:[X] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b01:K1dbZ:[X] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K1dbZ:[X] Dany_Vandromme (Europe)
 b01:K1dbZ:[X] Karl_Auerbach (NorthA)
 b01:K1dmZ:[X] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K1dmZ:[X] Nii_Quaynor (Africa)
 b01:K1dmZ:[X] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
 b01:K1fsZ:[X] Alejandro_Pisanty (LatinAC)
 b01:K1fsZ:[X] Karl_Auerbach (NorthA)
 b01:K1fsZ:[X] Nii_Quaynor (Africa)
 b01:K1fuZ:[X] Don_Telage (NorthA)
 b01:K1fuZ:[X] Nii_Quaynor (Africa)
 b01:K1fuZ:[X] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
Who voted for whom will be disclosed at the end of the election process