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[council] Registrars' NC representation

HI all,

Even if I am not getting council@dnso mail anymore,Elsiabeth told me
that I was still able to post here. Hope it works.

I just wnated to inform abut two things:

A) The Registrars Consituency has finally completed its electoral
process to elect the permanent NC representatives. They are Ken
Stubbs, Richard Linsday and Amadeu Abril i Abril. No revolution, as
you see ;-))

Richard and Ken being both US citizens, we have applied for an interim
waiver taking into consideration that Richard is a Japanee resident
and works fr a Japanese company. As expectred, citizenship remains the
criterium, but a 90-days waizver has applies.

B) Temporary replacemnt for AAA. As I am running for the Board
elections, we need to find a temporary substitue.

As I wrote in a previous mail, it was impossible to run a proper
eletion in the consitunecy (we just kew the results for the permanent
NC elections a few hours ago). And, as we don't have a formal AdCom,
it was decided that the newly elected NC reps plus our secretary,
Michal Palage, would appoint the replacment. Rhe problem is that I
have been unable to communicate with any of them three so far, eithr
by e-mail or telephone :-/

As Ken and Richard are both US citizens, we also decided that my
subsitute should not be alos a US citizen. The first choice was indeed
an European, but we have been unfortuanately uanble to find someone
willing to take tht role.

We have the inital agreemnt form MelbourneIT to volunteer Erica
Roberts. This is only partially satisfctory, as albeit being form
Austalian citizenship, she would reprenet in our view the same region
as Richard. But still is a preferable choice than three reps with the
same passport.

And now the problem: it is not only that I have been unable to contact
ken, Richard and Michael in order to take the foraml decision about
who should be my substitue, but I have also been unable to get in
contact with Erica. I have written to her, and left messages in her
vicemail.....but we are 14 hours ahead of the preliminary round
deadline. What's more, it is 2:30 am here, and, frankly, I will not
stand the whole night sitting by my phone. (timezones are a real mess,
pscially over weekends...).

A "second" solution could be appointing someone else...form the same
registrar, ie, Nominalia. Irt is somethng we have not considered
earlier, but given the replacemnts putnin place by both IPC and gTLD,
and the proxy advacned by ISPC it is somehting we could consir as a
last minute solution.

I submit this to you for your comments, if you find somehting
unacceptable form a NC point fo view. Please copy me on the replies,
as I am not currently able to read council@dnso.org

Best regards,

Amadeu, miserably wasting a Satuday night that was supposed to be free