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RE: [council] Bylaws Amendments relating to SO elections for ICANN Director

Dear YJ:

>With regard to the "Bylaws Amendments", there have been "TWO" points
>I would like to get them clarified by the ICANN staff.

No problem!

>According to this, ICANN Bylaws are going to stick to "CITIZENSHIP"
>instead of "residenceship" when it comes to "geographical diversity"?
>Therefore, will ICANN Board use "CITIZENSHIP" in the future election?

The Bylaws currently use "citizenship," as they have since ICANN was first
launched last year.  There has been a lot of debate about whether
"citizenship" or "residency" is the better standard;  however, until a
consensus for change can be demonstrated, the Bylaws will continue to
require "citizenship" as the test for geographic diversity on the Board and
Names Council.

>>     - As to the Directors elected by the Supporting
>Organizations, the net
>>result of the various applicable geographic diversity
>requirements -- which
>>are set forth in the ICANN Bylaws relating to the DNSO, in the ASO
>>Memorandum of Understanding (when completed), and the PSO Memorandum of
>>Understanding -- is that no more than four of the nine SO-elected
>>can be citizens of countries in the same geographic region.
>I am sort of puzzled by the number, "FOUR".
>As far as I know there have been "THREE" SOs so far within the ICANN.
>in other words, if geographical diversity must be considered
>within the ICANN,
>"ONE" from DNSO, "ONE" from ASO, "ONE" from PSO,
>therefore the sum will be "THREE" instead of "four".
>Am I missing something?

Yes -- the rule in the PSO Memorandum of Understanding
<http://www.icann.org/pso/pso-mou.htm> is that no more than *two*
PSO-selected Directors can come from the same geographic region.  [The ASO
MoU will adhere to the rule of no more than one.]