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Re: [wg-c] comment summary


Thanks summarizing the comments offered in non-ASCII form, and for the
labor of all of it. I tried to keep it simple, suggesting that a bare
comment would be appreciated. One of the best comments offered was by
Lorraine Brooks, which was uncoached and right on the money.

*other comments regarding PPE*

> Carla Walker:
> It will be difficult to determine who is a legitimate .naa registrant,
> and to decide who should participate in making that determination.

This is the "blood quantum" or "Indian Identity" question, which is not
a surprise. Ultimately however Ms. Walker was concerned that a single
TLD would be a hazard to Indians online, allowing future "cybergenocide"
(deletion from dot).

Legitimacy and Legitimation remain serious issues, but as an operational
group (NIEC/Treaty7/NITI/Wampumpeag) we are confident of our own, hence
of our ability to properly act were these issues exist.

> Chris Cota:
> Does the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy actually represent all
> of the Tribes? And what process was used to select particular entities
> to do the administration?

No. Chris was pointed to the InterCOUP PoC for details (it is a regional
multi-governmental body). Essentially self-selection by mature Tribal ISP
and Telco operators was the selection mechanism.

> Thomas Trischler:
> Tribal governments and Indian nations should be able to use the .gov
> TLD.

I missed this one. The answer is .gov and .mil are synonyms for a ccTLD
(.us), and this ccTLD is operated by the IANA, which has a SLD restricted
to governments of Federally Recognized Indian Tribes. I'll have to write
Mr. Trischler a note.