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RE: [wg-c] non-member submission, forwarded for Michael Heltzer


Thank you for the link.

Tod Cohen

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		From:	Keith Gymer [mailto:keith.gymer@btinternet.com]
		Sent:	Wednesday, January 12, 2000 5:05 AM
		To:	wg-c@dnso.org
		Subject:	Re: [wg-c] non-member submission, forwarded
for Michael Heltzer

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		From: Mikki Barry <ooblick@netpolicy.com> wrote
		> Please be it known that as a member of INTA I was not
consulted prior
		> to this statement.  Therefore, I do not believe that this
		> speaks for 3700 members.

		And Mike did NOT actually say that the statement spoke for
all 3700 members,
		any more than President Clinton would claim to speak for all
220 million
		Americans individually, but he does speak for America, and
Mike can
		legitimately claim to speak for INTA on a similar  basis.

		Perhaps we should ask for a show of hands at the next INTA
internet meeting
		in Denver if we really want to get into quibbling over
numbers - I have
		little doubt that the INTA position as represented by Mike
would attract a
		proportionately greater support than Clinton and certainly
		greater than any represented by Ms Barry (the numerical
membership of the
		DNRC, for example, is still a closely guarded secret as far
as I recall from
		previous [fruitless] exchanges on number counting [and I
certainly don't
		want to bother reopening that debate], but I expect there
are many  more
		subscribers to www.dnrc.org  - which provides me at least
with much needed
		light relief  from our DNS debates -
		check it out ;-)