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[comments-wipo] Top Level Domain Names

Dear Staff Member,

It is my understanding that your organization will be announcing
additional Top Level Domain Names in December.  

As the author of, "The Complete Crossword WordFinder", Putnam, 1997, I
have the electronic files of all English words and abbreviations by word
length. I went through the three letter words and noted some of those
that could be considered for Top Level Domain Names.  I have attached a
Word Document containing these words for your use.  

If you also would like to receive all of the four letter English words
and abbreviations, let me know and I will send them to you. 

I hold the copyrights to these word lists and am willing to share it
with you solely for the consideration of potential words for use as Top
Level Domain Names. You are NOT authorized to distribute or use the list
for any other purpose.

If I can be of additional service, please let me know.

Diane Emerson Spino, Author
The Complete Crossword WordFinder, Putnam, 1997