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[comments-wipo] Not unlimited rights for famous marks owners.

I believe that the creation of a list of trademarks with tremendous
benefits for their owners over the rest of the world is a very bad idea and
could produce damages for the Non commercial community and people from
countries outside the called "first world".

Most of the famous marks owners (maybe 100 %) are from the most developed
countries. The generic protection of those words in the domain space
including new TLD which we can not imagine yet, reduce the possibility of
register a good name to a lot of people.

As a Non commercial member and latinamerican, i have double reasons to
oppose to the creation of this list. Don't forget please that we have to
protect the rights of all the community and not only the big companies'

Initially, I support the NCC position in relation with the creation of one
specific TLD (.fame or .TMK or .whatever) where a not very extensive list
could be valid.

The sunrise period is in the same way unacceptable for me because I
understand that the privileges for the famous marks owners is not very
different in this case. 

May be a good compromise could be create a *VERY* small (not more than 3)
set of new TLDs (only ONE in the initial rollout) instead one and apply a
list of famous names only in those TLDs allowing a limited number of
variations of the famous names to be registered like Registrars propose.

Conclusion -

1) I strongly oppose the creation of a generic protection famous names' list.
2) I don't agree with the sunrise period with tremendous benefits for the
famous names' owners.
3) I offer a solution combining more than one proposal. Create a dinamic
list of famous names which only apply in a reduced number of TLDs. The
famous names' owners could registre only a limited number of their names
variations in those especific TLDs.

Raul Echeberria