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[comments-wipo] Re: Equal Access to ".gov" Domain Names for Native Nations

Dear Ladies & Sirs:

    For many years I was puzzled as to why our American Indian Tribal
Governments had ".org," ".com" and ".net" URLs for their websites, when
local Cities, Counties etc. hav ".gov" URLs.  Then I was appalled to
find out that it was because your organization, ICANN, had denied them
that right of sovereignty.  You make big claims to the internet and
world-wide-web being the most democratic, free and equal format of
communication, but then you perpetuate centuries of "lower class
treatment" for the "forth world nations" of the Western Hemisphere and
elsewhere around the world where the original peoples of their native
lands have been over-ridden by outsiders!

    I think that it is high time that you "walk your talk" and fully
recognize Native Governmental Bodies in their rightful and equal place,
not as a second class or lower player in the web-game.  I strongly
suggest that you adopt the recommendations of the National Congress of
American Indians (NCAI).

Thomas J. Trischler (Cherokee/Seneca),  Principal
Trischler Associates - Real Estate & Development Consulting
Situs Development