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[comments-wipo] .TM and .REG and comments concerning TM owners (GREAT IDEA FOR A PATENT)

I have other comments on the icann.org site concerning protecting TM owners by the use of a .tm and/or .reg gTLD http://www.icann.org/cgi-bin/mbx/rpgmessage.cgi?wgc;38F8C96A000000A3
My thoughts on protecting TM owners online is to use available technology...(I am an inventor who freely gives ideas on how to create solutions--no charge--but do want name recognition)...Here is the solution....If an embedded code could be attached to a particular domain name, when the name comes up on your computer screen or palm pilot a bubble would appear over it letting you know as a consumer who the trademark owner is...A software company would absolutely make a fortune selling "Signature TM marks".....SO if a cyberpirate tries to use a TM domain name.....Such as:  AOLpeople.com or .web (for that matter), the AOL part would always have the embedded code attached to it alerting everyone who is the rightful owner (and a link back to the TM website---if this doesn't scare off cyberpirates nothing will...The whole reason why people are cyberpirate (excluding those who make a mistake)...is to profit from a recognized TM...If the person uses the TM anywhere on the website...the embedded code will follow)....Also it might be easier to track your TM mark as well....(AGAIN if you patent this idea...I do want name recognition--Greg Krajewski)...The point being with my idea is your attacking the problem from a technological standpoint....Not trying to police through archaic means....The only problem as stated on the other forum (click on link above) is TM's are only good if they are used...You by law have no right to a TM if you do not use it......
Lastly...a gentlemen posted a message on this page concerning generic names such as business.....Sorry that is public domain...No one has exclusivity over those types of names...if you are familiar with economics...it would be considered the equivalent of a monopoly...Therefore those people who registered .web generic domain names have as much right as those folks who paid $7.5 million for business.com...Funny thing here is they could TM business.com....but they do not have a right to business.web or computer.web.....Thanks ICANN once again for letting me set the record straight....If you do disagree with me PLEASE set me straight and give your opinions....MY opinions are deeply rooted in the fact that I have been a consumer of information....which means I always research a subject...that way in discourse whether written or verbal, your able to present a clear reason why you should be listened too....Thanks again!