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[comments-wipo] New TLD extension proposal

Regarding new TLD extensions. I feel the new extensions should
ONLY be granted providing the dot com owners and/or trademark
owners/tm applicants are given right of first refusal on their
name at all the new extensions.

For example, business.com or phones.com or commodities.com may be
generic and not trademarked but they should have right of first
refusal to the corresponding .web or ,etc or .info or .biz., etc.
Or, if a name is either Trademarked or an already filed Trademark
Application they should also have right of first refusal on all
new extensions..

If a place like Image Design (the .web registry) has already
registered names corresponding to existing .com names and/or
trademark and trademark applications (they have), then they
should be mandated to offer the names to the .com and/or TM/TM
Applied For owners. If within say 30 days the web names are not
purchased then the .web ext registrant can keep the .web name.

Of course with other extensions this is not a problem as only the
.web extension I heard has already accepted pre-registrations. If
Image Design does not agree to this they should not be approved
as a new TLD.

There is no way you should approve any new extensions, including
.web unless the existing DOT COM owner and/or TM/TM Application
holders are protected.

Approving the new extensions without this protection would only
open the door to multiple identical domain names with varied
extensions, and cause general confusion, and make the lawyers
rich with domain name litigation, much more so than already


D. M. Green