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[comments-wipo] Trademarks comments etc

Title: Trademarks comments etc

Dear Sir/Madam,

One of the big news items at the moment is so called cybersquatting. I have a problem with a multi-national company from the US being able to take a correctly registered domain name from an individual based in another country because the American company has a US trade mark. Is a US trade mark the same as a world-wide trademark? since when did the US decide what is legal for all countries? I believe that it would be a grave mistake for the free trade and competition if ICANN and the WIPO give registered domain names to the likes of US companies simply because they have a US trademark, please remember that the US is simply one part of a very large community. A famous name may still only be trade marked in one country, do you believe that a UK trademark would stand up in a US court? I don't think so but the US trademarks seem to be running the domain name world.

Thank you for giving me the chance to air my views.


Richard Houlihan