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[comments-wipo] Resolving the issue of famous names

The Internet was originally developed using public funds and is today
used by the public at large.
The Internet is a public entity and must remain as such.
Because one attracting feature of the internet is the instant access to
private and public organizations, they are certainly entitled to have a
presence on the internet as much as any other private individual.

The commercialization of the air waves by corporations world-wide has
degenerated into packaged images and sounds (from television and radio)
complete with ads, ads, ads  ad.nauseum. such that the public began to
see alternatives such as the internet.

Today, commercial establishments are trying to tie up and sew up access
to the internet via domain-name registrations.  You have small and big
time operators who speculate and buy up names in the hopes of making it
rich by selling those names to corporations world-wide. (Seems that
corporations are getting their just-deserts to me.)

We certainly don't want to prevent corporations from having a presence
on the internet but we do not wish to be inundated with hundreds and
thousands of registered domain-names which all point to a single
entity.  I find it deplorable that movie companies like Warner, Sony,
Paramount etc. find it necessary to register a single domain name for
each movie they release (and are about to release.)  I find it
deplorable that a single corporation or smaller business have to
register names which all point to a single location.  I find it exremely
deplorable that big companies try  to bully, push, threaten, black-mail
and bribe private individuals or small businesses into relinquishing
their domain names simply because it relates in some way or other to a
trade-mark/name or other name used by the large company.

Personally, I believe that if a business wishes to register a myriad
number of domain names, force them to attach these names to their
identified name.  For example, instead of allowing a name like:  
www.time.com to be registered, force it to become:  
wwww.time-warner.time.com  or   www.time-warner.life.com etc.
Instead of:   www.moviename.com    force it to be registered as:   
wwww.paramount.moviename.com     or    www.sonymovies-moviename.com

Force a trademark name to be identified with it's owner if these
companies wish to hog thousands of domain names so that their primary
business name is included with a product name.  That way we would see:  
www.ford.mustang.com    or   www.ford-mustang.com
instead of:    www.mustang.com

common names should not be reserved for domain names (i.e.
www.apple.com) period.
If a top-level extension is reserved for that purpose, then so be it. 
That way, we could allow something like:   www.3com.biz     and let
these corporate war-mongers fight each other and spend themselves into
the ground by suing each other silly....  But leave the public out of