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[comments-wipo] Invitation for Public Comments on New gTLDs/Famous Trade-Marks

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Invitation for Public Comments on New gTLDs/Famous Trade-Marks

In July 1999 the DNSO Names Council set up:
    Working Group B -- Famous Trade-Marks
    Working Group C -- New gTLDs
For the last nine months these two working groups have been
discussing various aspects of their assigned topics.
On 21 March 2000, two reports were submitted to the Names Council,
and published on the http://www.dnso.org website:

 - http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000321.NCwgb-report.html,
   Working Group B status report to the Names Council, by Michael Palage
 - http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000321.NCwgc-report.html,
   Working Group C consensus report to the Names Council, by Jonathan Weinberg

The DNSO Names Council invites the Internet community to comment
on these reports and the issues raised by them.

Please send comments to:
   comments-wipo@dnso.org for WG-B
   comments-gtlds@dnso.org for WG-C
Archives at http://www.dnso.org/archives.html

The ICANN Board has requested the Names Council to provide its
recommendations on these topics by 20 April 2000.  The Names
Council will consider the reports and comments submitted on them
at its 18 April 2000 meeting.  Members of the Internet community
are encouraged to submit their comments as far as possible in
advance of the 18 April meeting.

Both reports have now been posted on the ICANN web site as well where a
web-based public comment forum has been established for each report.
To read the reports and comment on them, go to

DNSO Secretariat