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Re: [comments-deletes] GNSO Council Deletes Task Force

>I have a question to you, how could such a
>decision is put on the registrants immediately into
>effect without atleast
>informing the domain owners of such a thing, so that atleast they should be
>aware of such a financial burden and renew the domains within time before
>the Redemption period comes into picture.

I don't understand this question.  When you register a domain name, you pick
the term of registration, and you surely must know when the expiration date
for the domain name will be.  If you rent an apartment, you must surely know
when your rent is due.   If you take out a loan, you must surely know when
your payment is due.  If you do not pay your telephone bill, you must pay for
re-connection.  In all of these situations, even if a late payment method is
available, it is the normal practice to assess fees for people who do not pay
their bills on time.

Domain names expire if they are not paid for within the term of the
registration contract.  The RGP is an extra measure for people who are
careless, stupid, lazy or otherwise unable to know when it is time to pay
their bills.  I do not see how this is a "burden" since the alternative is to
risk having the domain name be made permanently unavailable if someone else
registers the name when it is released for non-payment during the normal
term.  THAT is a much greater burden for the stupid, careless, and lazy
people for whom the RGP is designed.   The entire rest of the commercial
world does not bend over backwards to serve the needs of such people at a

>And before putting any such burden, the registrars should have
>atleast sent a email newsletter informing all the registrants making them
>aware of such news.

Please read the portion of the proposal in which registrars are required to
provide prominent notice of their renewal policies at the time the domain
name is registered.

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