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[comments-deletes] GNSO Council Deletes Task Force

The recent news of "Redemption Grace Period" has just been added on the
website on 11th Feb 2003.  I have a question to you, how could such a
decision is put on the registrants immediately into effect without atleast
informing the domain owners of such a thing, so that atleast they should be
aware of such a financial burden and renew the domains within time before
the Redemption period comes into picture.

I know that the registrars take utmost steps to inform the registrant admin
contact, billing contact and the member of any such expiring domain, but it
is a matter of habit how people have been renewing their domains in the
past.  And before putting any such burden, the registrars should have
atleast sent a email newsletter informing all the registrants making them
aware of such news.

Looking forward for your quick and positive response.


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