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[announce] Subscriptions to the DNSO General Assembly voting registry

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[ To: announce@dnso.org, ga@dnso.org, WGs, liaison7c ]

Dear DNSO GA Memebrs,

As per the posted proposal for a GA voting registry sent
by Harald Tveit Alvestrand on 19 April 2000:
you can now register to vote in GA votes through E-mail.

The GA voting registry is open to the DNSO General Assembly,
those persons who want to be members of that assembly.
At present, this includes "ex-officio" the subscribers to
the GA-lists, the participants to the DNSO Constituencies
and the participants to the Working Groups.

A list of memebrs who already subscribed to the DNSO voting
registry is posted on the Website, see "DNSO GA voting registry"
on the main page, http://www.dnso.org/secretariat/rosterindex.html

DNSO Secretariat