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[announce] NCtelecon, 18 April 2000, results

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[ from : http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000418.NCtelecon-minutes.html ]

DNSO Names Council Teleconference on April 18th, 2000 - minutes 

April 18th, 2000. 

Proposed agenda and related documents:


List of attendees: 

   Dennis Jennings         ccTLD          absent
   Patricio Poblete        ccTLD
   Philip Sheppard         Business
   Masanobu Katoh          Business
   Theresa Swinehart       Business
   Hirofumi Hotta          ISPCP
   Tony Harris             ISPCP          left before the close
   Michael Schneider       ISPCP
   Erica Roberts           Registrars
   Ken Stubbs              Registrars
   Paul Kane               Registrars
   Roger Cochetti          gTLD
   Caroline Chicoine       IP
   Axel Aus der Muhlen     IP
   Guillermo Carey         IP
   Youn Jung Park          NCDNH
   Kathryn Kleiman         NCDNH
   Zakaria Amar            NCDNH          arrived in late
   Louis Touton            ICANN Legal Counselor
   Elisabeth Porteneuve    DNSO Secretariat
   Pam Brewster            alexanderogilvy.com (ICANN PR)

Chair Ken Stubbs (Registrars)
Quorum present 
Agenda and related documents 

Ken Stubbs will be chairing the NC teleconference.

A.	Minutes from the last NC teleconference, 31 March 2000

*	http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000331.NCtelecon-minutes.html

Approved unanimously

B.	Review of the current working group reports

On 21 March 2000, two reports were submitted to the Names Council, and 
published on the DNSO website: 

*	http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000321.NCwgb-report.html 
Working Group B status report to the Names Council, by Michael Palage 
*	http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000321.NCwgc-report.html 
Working Group C consensus report to the Names Council, by Jonathan Weinberg 

On 17 April 2000, some additional documents has been submitted to the Names 
Council, and published on the DNSO website: 

*	http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000417.NCwgc-addendum.html 
Addendum to WG-C consensus report to the Names Council, by Jonathan Weinberg 
*	http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000417.NCwgb-report.html 
Working Group B formal report to the Names Council, by Michael Palage, 
points of agreement and dissension, with 8 annexes 

The WG-B and WG-C are not on the same schedule. Whereas WG-C consensus report 
has been published for public comments, WG-B formal report is just arriving. 
The Names Council felt it was necessary to to consider the WG-C consensus 
report and at the same time give more time to the WG-B. 

Two questions were asked to the Names Council, and the straw poll taken: 

1.	Did the Names Council believe it was the consensus on the opening 
of new gTLDs ?
2.	Did the Names Council believe it was the consensus that the initial 
number for roll out should be 6 to 10 new gTLDs ?

The vote tally on the first item was 13 YES, 3 ABSTAIN, 2 ABSENT. Passed. 

The vote tally on the second item was 5 YES, 9 NO, 2 ABSTAIN, 2 ABSENT. Failed.

The details of votes follow: 

                                          Question1   Question2
   Dennis Jennings         ccTLD          absent      absent
   Patricio Poblete        ccTLD          yes         abstain
   Philip Sheppard         Business       yes         no
   Masanobu Katoh          Business       yes         abstain
   Theresa Swinehart       Business       yes         no
   Hirofumi Hotta          ISPCP          yes         yes
   Tony Harris             ISPCP          abstain     no
   Michael Schneider       ISPCP          abstain     no
   Erica Roberts           Registrars     yes         yes
   Ken Stubbs              Registrars     yes         no
   Paul Kane               Registrars     yes         no
   Roger Cochetti          gTLD           yes         no
   Caroline Chicoine       IP             yes         no
   Axel Aus der Muhlen     IP             abstain     no
   Guillermo Carey         IP             yes         yes
   Youn Jung Park          NCDNH          yes         yes
   Kathryn Kleiman         NCDNH          yes         yes
   Zakaria Amar            NCDNH          absent      absent

Some members of the Names Council felt that whereas the role of the WGs is to 
gather public opinions and thoughts, the NC members should discuss among 
themselves, then combine both, and later deliver to the Board. The role of the 
NC is to ensure they represent the NC stakeholders, and provide recommendations 
based on it. Sometimes Working Groups are dominated by large talkers, not 
representing point of view of the Constituencies. 

The draft of Statement to the ICANN Board, as amended by the Names Council, 
was moved as a motion by Theresa Swinehart, and seconded by Paul Kane. 
The Statement was approved by an unanimous vote (16 YES, 2 absents 
Dennis Jennings and Tony Harris). 

The Statement on the new gTLDs was published immediately, and is archived 
on the DNSO website: 

The NC resolved to open three weeks call for public comments on the WG-B formal 
report: http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20000419.NCwgb-comments.html. 

C.	The NC noted the difficulties to accomodate Constituencies and Working 
Groups meetings in Yokohama, where the ICANN meetings are scheduled in addition 
to the INET'2000 conference, with the specific constraints on the Board 

D.	The next NC teleconferences will be held on May 17th, 2000 

The issue of Independent Review Nominating Committee is postponed tothe next 

*	http:// www.dnso.org/clubpublic/council/Arc03/msg00502.html, 
request to the NC for selection of 2 individuals to the Independent 
Review Nominating Committee by Andrew McLaughlin 


Information from: (c) DNSO Names Council