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[announce] Request for endorsements

[ To: ga@dnso.org, announce@dnso.org]
[ To: ga-watchdog@dnso.org, council@dnso.org]

[ excerpt from http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/1999.DNSO-GAchair.html]

V. Endorsement of candidates for election to the Chair of the General

      open December 3, 22:00 CET, close December 10, 1999, 18:00
      CET (local time in other places)

      Endorsements of candidates pursuant to the nomination
      mechanism adopted by the Names Council must be sent by e-mail
      to ga-endorsements@dnso.org.

      Candidates for the Chair of the General Assembly (GA)

         * 1999/12/01 Marc C.Langston, nominated for the first time
           by Marc C.Langston

                1999/12/02 Marc C. Langston acceptance, list of

         * 1999/11/30 Roberto Gaetano, nominated for the first time
           by Jonathan Weinberg

                1999/12/03 Roberto Gaetano acceptance, list of

         * 1999/12/03 Harald T. Alvestrand, nominated for the first
           time by John C. Klensin

                1999/12/03 Harald T. Alvestrand acceptance, list of


      Archives of received endorsements